Carrot cleaning machine use precautions

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Carrot cleaning machine use precautions

    Many users are easy to ignore some precautions when using the carrot washing machine, causing problems in the carrot washing machine or other washing machine, affecting the service life of the equipment. Today, the food machinery manufacturer in Guangdong brings the carrot washing machine to everyone. Precautions before use:

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    1. Test the machine before running. Run for 2 to 3 minutes, check whether the movement of the radish cleaning machine and the conveyor belt are stable. Whether the radish cleaning machine piping system is leaking or leaking, and whether the cleaning water is sufficient.

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    2. The machine starts the oil slick removal device. Therefore, the water pump is still open, the water surface is calm, and the oil discharge effect is best. After the oil slick is basically removed, the oil removal is stopped, and the oil discharge is mostly carried out during the lunch break.

    3. The melons and fruits to be treated should be placed neatly on the conveyor belt, and they should not be pressed on the rollers. The items to be treated on the conveyor belt should not be piled up too much, so as not to affect the cleaning effect, and the items after cleaning can not be Parked on the radish washing machine conveyor belt, affecting the follow-up work.

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    4. The machine cleaning fluid should be replenished regularly to keep the liquid level at a certain height and maintain the cleaning effect.

In addition, the precautions for the use of other vegetable washing machines are also roughly the same as above, the difference will not be too large, but there will be a gap in the function of use.

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