Combination of application and production line of eddy current washing machine

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Introduction to the effect and purification of bubble washing machine

The bubble washing machine belongs to one of the styles of the vegetable washing machine, and an ozone generating device can be added therein to detoxify the food, detoxify the fruit, disinfect the tableware, and activate the water source! Equal effect

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Bubble washing machine, with the highest detoxification technology, the characteristics of fruit and vegetable cleansing instrument: Using ozone sterilization and disinfection principle, the ozone technology is applied to the "fruit and vegetable detoxification ecological instrument" products, successfully creating new home appliances, for fruits, Pesticide residues, bacteria and heavy metals on the surface of vegetables, innovation and realization of "fresh" five purification:

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1. Efficiently degrading pesticides: directly destroying the chemical bonds of pesticides through ozone O3, and efficiently degrading pesticide residues, which is safer and more assured.

2. Effectively kill bacteria: destroy the biological structure of bacteria through ozone O3, so that it can not survive, and prevent disease from entering the mouth.

3, rapid removal of heavy metals: heavy metal particles themselves will not adhere to the fruits and vegetables, but rely on some organic mucus to adhere to the above, ozone can directly oxidize these viscous substances, so that the metal particles fall off, effectively remove heavy metal ions on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

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4, 360 ° automatic cleaning: special vortex spray patented technology, all-round cleaning of fruits and vegetables, 360 ° thorough cleaning of fruits and vegetables.

5, fruit and vegetable fresh preservation: Ozone O3 comprehensively care for fruits and vegetables, maintain the natural essence of fruits and vegetables, so that fruits and vegetables are delicious and crisp.

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