Method of removing fish scales and introduction of fish scale removal machine

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Method of removing fish scales and introduction of fish scale removal machine

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The traditional method is to scrape the scales directly with a knife. If you are not careful, it will easily hurt your hands. Some people are very clever, making a simple and easy-to-operate tool for scraping fish scales, such as putting fish in a plastic bag, gently patping the fish with a knife back, then taking out the fish, and after the fish scales are loosened, use The knife gently removes the fish scales and removes the clean and so on. It is convenient for home operation. However, in the market, the owner who sells fish for a living can not have this leisure time, and the hand is falling, and the fish scales are quickly going. When you are better, you often need one or two helpers.

For the on-site business, you need to ask the helper to pay as much as you can. A descaling machine can help solve the problem of helping the helper.

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Don't underestimate this descaling machine, but there are many styles, some can only remove the scales, some open the fish belly to kill the fish to the internal organs plus the multi-function of the fish scales, all the machines are messed up, and the efficiency is quite High! As long as the fish is put into the mouth, after a few seconds, it is already a fish that has been removed from the viscera. The fish with the scales removed can be taken away.

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The multi-function descaling machine is very simple to operate. It only has two buttons to switch, and it is safe to operate and save labor costs. It is a good helper!

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