The benefits of potato cutters

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The benefits of potato cutters

When potatoes cut potatoes, many people have made it difficult. Many people cut out these uneven thicknesses. It is said that the chef has cut the experience of shredding that 50 years of potatoes have been summarized. It is simple and practical: first, the knife should choose a sharp kitchen knife, which is light and heavy, and it is easy to use it in your own hands. It is also very laborious to cut. The knife should be thinner, preferably the same thickness as the upper and lower sides. Potatoes are selected from freshly sized potatoes with a smooth surface and peeled and washed. Then cut the potatoes into thin slices, remember that the slices should be placed evenly, press the potato chips with your left hand, and cut the potatoes into silk with your right hand. This is fast and fine!

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If it is really the knife that the chef has practiced after many years of practice, although the knife is done, it is not recognized by the efficiency of today. If you want to cook dozens of potatoes on a day, how much time will it take to cut? What? How can this artificial calculation be made? In fact, a potato cutter can easily solve the problem of wasting time and human resources! It takes only a few minutes to cut out a large amount of potato silk, which is equivalent to the work efficiency of several people, and the thickness of the cut potato is very uniform, comparable to the big chef who cut the potato silk for 50 years!

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The potato cutter is very simple to operate. Just put the peeled potatoes into the machine inlet and it will become silky in a few seconds! And it is also possible to cut potato chips, potato chips, etc., and other fruits can also be cut.

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